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Over 50 pages of essential information on landfill gas extraction system principles to bring your knowledge up to a standard to begin to design your own extraction systems, appraise designs, or assess financial worth of an EfW project.

The information in this ebook is UK based but the principles apply to all those developing and restoring sanitary containment landfills to comply with European Union and other internationally recognised landfill standards.

The content of this ebook is as follows:


An Introduction to
Gas Extraction Systems


Introduction 5
Carbon Credits 7
The Most Important Success Factors for LFG EfW Schemes 8
Why Do Many Counties Make Landfill Gas Extraction and Flaring or Utilization a Mandatory Requirement? 8
CDM and Carbon Credits for Landfill Gas Extraction and Flaring/Utilization 9
Other Developed Nation Fiscal Encouragements for Landfill Gas Utilization 10
Modelling Landfill Gas Methane Generation 11
Introduction To Modelling Landfill Gas Methane Generation 12
Modeling Landfill Gas Generation And Factors Which Influence Gas Yield 13
Moisture Content and Model Sensitivity 14
Waste Transport and Processing Activities which Affect Landfill Gas Yield 15
Gas Yield Modeling Conclusions 18
How a Gas Extraction System Itself Will Affect Gas Quality and the Uses for Which Landfill gas Is Usually Well Suited 19
Landfill Gas Recovery (EfW) 21
Post-closure Moisture Changes Perched Leachate and the Effects of Recirculation of Leachate to Raise Moisture Content and LFG Yield 21
Conclusion 22
Gas Sampling and Analytical Methods 24
Landfill Gas Extraction System Design 26
Introduction To Landfill Gas Extraction SYSTEMS 26
Active Gas Extraction Field Design Considerations 31
Standard Vertical Wells 33
Large Diameter Vertical Well 33
Small Bore Horizontal Wells 33
Gabion Well 34
Hybrid Well 34
Results of Performance Testing on Well Types 34
Practical Gas Well Design 37
Standard Vertical Well 37
Large Diameter Vertical Well 38
Horizontal Wells 38
Leachate Extraction 40
Landfill Gas Well Field Interconnection Pipework 41
Dewatering 42
Compressors (Blowers) 43
Gas Drying 43
Flame Arrestors 45
Health and Safety 46
Resources Section 47
Waste and resource Management Web Sites 47
Drawings of Typical Gas Well Types 49

Author: Steve Last

What you get in this one unique and low cost ebook:

list tick image Background information to very quickly introduce you to all the factors you should think about when considering a landfill for landfill gas both in the developed and developing nations. This includes information about the fianance potentially available for EfW schemes through Carbon Credits schemes, and subsidies in the UK such as ROCs.

list tick image An explanation of landfill gas yield modelling and the methods of assessment essential to understand the capability of your landfill to produce methane gas in sufficient quality and quality and for long enough to pay for itself and make you those all-important profits. Get this wrong and your EfW project will never make a profit

list tick image How to successfully sample and test the landfill gas which is again essential to understanding profitability initially and then monitor and optimize the yield from the site later

list tick image The principles of successful landfill gas extraction pipework design and how to successfully design the interconnections in the landfill gas field, and locate "Knock Out Pots". Ignore this and you will find that the field gas extraction pipes will block within months or even just weeks and the investment may be made worthless in extreme cases. At the very least substantial additional time, cost, and delay would be caused by ignoring these principles.

list tick image All the common gas well types are explained with there specific advantages and disadvantages. This could save you a ton of money as selecting the wrong well type alone could cost many $1,000's in wasted money.

No landfill gas extraction system for flaring and/or Energy from Waste (EfW) use can be successfully designed and implemented without a knowledge of the principles described in this ebook.

For anyone wishing to start designing Landfill Gas Extraction Systems for either purpose, this will get you started on the right track fast. You will, after reading this ebook, be able to begin you design and talking to the Energy from Waste experts who will supply the gas engines, without delay.

Provided that you have a suitable practical and/or engineering based background you will be able to successfully hold conversations with the landfill gas EfW specialists without fear of, your asking embarassing questions through lack of knowledge, and mis-understandings.

You will be able to be confident that you will be able to talk their language and successfully integrate the site's gas extraction system with the gas engines and other plant installed.

For anyone already operating a landfill gas extraction system you should get this ebook as it will explain why you have to do many things that may have been handed down to you as must do's without a full appreciation of the reason behind them.

For anyone considering financing a landfill gas extraction system you should get this ebook as you will then understand the opportunities, cost implications and risks involved in the best way possible.


Landfill Gas (LFG) Energy from Waste (EfW) projects are nowadays very often described by their owners as highly profitable. We have heard landfill operators even claim that their EfW production is more profiatble than the commercial operation of the landfill itself!

Furthermore, LFG EfW is becoming more profitable by the week as other non-renewable energy prices rise. No landfill owner should rest until investigating the EfW possibilities for their site and you can download this ebook and after making payment through our secure system (owned by the owners of global auction site "eBay") start reading it within just a few minutes.

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