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Landfill Gas Monitoring Equipment

nvestigators Lelièvre and Wallis discussing the functionality of a gas detector - CC BY-NC-ND by <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">TSBCanada</a>

The choice of landfill gas monitoring equipment for modern landfills is wider than ever before. Types of landfill gas Monitoring Equipment Wikipedia provides a detailed explanation of the different types of landfill, gas monitoring, each of which demands it’s own equipment to perform: Surface Monitoring For surface monitoring, a monitor may be either: Single reading […]

Methane Flux Boxes for Monitoring Landfill Gas Cap Emissions

Landfill Gas Bio-oxidation research image

The UK Environment Agency may require that the landfill gas methane emissions from a landfill restoration cap are monitored regularly, so that areas where excess gas might be escaping, can be found, and the leak repaired. Many people who carry out methane monitoring and emissions analysis of this type use methane flux boxes as part of […]

Landfill Gas Flare Monitoring


Landfill Gas Flare Stack Monitoring Limitations Stack monitoring, or more correctly “landfill gas flare monitoring“, can only be carried out on enclosed flares. Enclosed flares are the only landfill gas flare type which can demonstrably provide a known minimum residence time and therefore are the only landfill gas flare type which is now accepted for […]

Landfill Gas Monitoring Procedures


Landfill gas monitoring to a correct procedure is important both for the advance warning of any underground migration of gas out of a landfill, and similarly for any development on the landfill affected by methane and associated gases. The following article should assist you in deciding where and what type of Landfill Gas Monitoring Procedures, […]