Landfill Gas Emissions and Health Effect of Landfill

Health Effects of Landfill and Landfill Gas

Health effects of landfill

UK Research says that she need not worry.

The context for the “Emissions and Health Impacts Associated with Waste Management” report, is a UK Government Strategy Unit Report commissioned to assess health effect of landfill (if any was found to exist) from Enviros Consulting.

This report was prepared at the request of the Strategy Unit at the UK Cabinet Office, and can be downloaded from the Defra web site here. It contains information setting emissions from waste management in context.

Information is provided which compares emissions to air, water and land from waste management with other emissions in the UK. The emissions to air associated with different waste management options per tonne of waste processed are set out.

Information is also provided on the health risks associated with waste management and the landfill gas emissions it causes.

Again, these are compared with other risks to health.

Conclusion: Is there a Health Effect of Landfill which might put the local residents at a higher risk of ill-health?

The report shows that under current stringent EU wide regulatory controls there is no significant risk of health impacts from waste management operations in the UK.

Health Effect of Landfill

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